WINTER 2017/18

2017 was our 20th year of doing B&B! We started in Betws -y -Coed in Snowdonia, moved slightly South East to Pensarn Hall, just outside of Harlech, before settling back in the North in Firwood. We are very proud that we have guests who stayed with us 20 years ago in that very first B&B still visiting with us, obviously very firm friends now. Over the years we have made many friends who arrived as guests – and hope to continue doing so for a few years yet!

It has been a lovely year in North Northumberland, starting with a very mild and extremely dry winter which continued into a very dry spring. In fact, we were getting quite worried about the lack of rain at one point, Firwood is on spring water and we thought we were going to have to ask visitors to share baths! It didn’t come to that (shame, said some), with a little rain in June. It was a fantastic bluebell time, the hills in the Breamish Valley were stunning!


We continued through the year with just enough rain and a lot of blue – different I know to some areas of the country where they saw nothing but grey and mizzle. It’s a fact that we are on the dry side of the hills, something visitors are often surprised at. It was a marvellous year for the heather moors and looking from Firwood over to Hepburn Moor, all you could see was a purple glow.


It’s also been the year of magnificent sunrises and sunsets, again something people don’t expect on the East side of the country. This was looking from Firwood at sunrise over toward the Chillingham hills.


Coming into winter, again, dry, blue, with a few days of very cold, crisp and frosty white.


Beautiful! The only thing for me that would have made it better would be a little bit of snow, not everyone’s wish though. There’s time yet…….

Mike and I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018 and to those who have already booked, see you in the New Year!

Mike and Beth

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I love the way the world turns monochrome when it is snowing.

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