Early 2019

I waited and I waited. Surely we must get at least a sprinkling of snow sometime? Yes we did! We has a fall of about 5-6 inches and the really nice thing about North Northumberland, is the amount of sunshine we get in the winter – so some beautiful scenic days. This was the view from our front door late one afternoon, looking across to Ross Castle on the Chillingham range of hills.


A few days earlier, as the snow was threatening, I decided to have a walk in the College Valley to the north of us. There are three valleys in a row, the middle one is almost directly behind us, the Harthope Valley, to the south, the Breamish Valley and the most northerly, the College Valley. All run more or less east to west and are dead ends, which means you don’t get the through traffic. Even more so in the College Valley, only 12 cars a day are allowed to drive up the valley, on a pass which costs £10 from Savills in Wooler. There is a free car park at Hethpool, at the beginning of the valley proper. The valley is managed by a trust , very much on traditional lines and very much a working area. It’s also a valley of hillforts. You are of course, allowed to walk and it’s magic. A bit like stepping back in time. The day I was there, only the tops had a sprinkling of snow, I was making my way up to Great Hetha which has the remains of a hillfort on the top and although not the highest hill, has some great views.



The snow didn’t hang around for long and we were back to the greener but still sunny views from Firwood.


On a final note, there is a lot of sheep movement at this time of year, moving flocks from field to field to graze on whatever grass is available. I have to say, there is nothing nicer on a sunny winter’s day, than getting caught up in a sheep jam!!



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I love the way the world turns monochrome when it is snowing. pic.twitter.com/bVNHln0ofe

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