Christmas 2018

I was going to show a seasonal photo of Firwood nestling in the snow but as yet, we haven’t had any this winter! We started the year with a very dry spring, went into a very dry, hot summer and now we are in a relatively dry and mild winter! Our rainfall stats are way below where they are normally in Glendale and the norm isn’t high compared to other parts of the country. This area of Northumberland is noted for being drier, we also get the most hours of winter sunshine than anywhere in the country, a meteorological fact. Wooler boasted two sanitoriums in the Victorian era due to the clean, dry atmosphere.  That’s why I love it when it does snow, it stays clean and white!

I could have used a snowy photo from previous years but I felt that was cheating a bit so you’ll have to make do with the Christmas tree instead.


We wish all our guests a Very Merry Christmas, a happy and healthy 2019 and look forward to seeing you next year.

Mike and Beth

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I love the way the world turns monochrome when it is snowing.

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